There's something refreshing about viewing the Death you spawned through another's eyes.

One of my big-time cartooning idols, and one of the first friends I made online, is the insanely talented Jon Morris, who does a remarkable li'l strip called Jeremy. Here's some great stuff he sent me.

My good friend Case Yorke gave Butch his first-ever guest appearance in Aren't We Real, one of the first online comics I found (and still one of my favorites).
Case has moved on to Gluemeat now, and damn if it ain't all good.

Brian (Tirdun) West of Faraway Stars went nuts with the fanart, and I was one of the lucky beneficiaries!

I met Kevin Reidy at the 2001 Pittsburgh ComiCon. Very cool, funny guy, and he does wicked art, too... The second one is a gift he sent me for CB's one-year anniversary on the web. It's hysterical.

The first piece of fanart I ever got, from Chad Hucklala--- Chad Hakaloo--- Chad Huculak, of
Nowhere Man.

A BoxJam/Diabolica/ChoppingBlock combination piece from Michael Roberts, the mind behind

Butch gets the UA treatment from Pauly Roustan.

Everyone's favorite Acadian, Frank "damonk" Cormier, frames Butch.

I met BJ Hiorns and Joey Hetzel of at Houlihan's for dinner, and BJ gave me this wonderful sketch of Butch and the infamous airhead herself.

A couple from Jenny "Napoleon" Rowland, creator of one of my favorites:
Snail Dust.

Matt Trepal puts Butch behind the bar in Fight Cast or Evade.

I got to know Abraham "thybart" Brezo when I was putting together my 'CHOPtoberfest' Hallowe'en special last year, and I let him know about the Freddy Krueger comic I was doing. He runs his own Freddy Krueger site, and he sent me these two interpretations of Butch.

Two great pieces from Lady Faith of
Heaven and Earth (and who just happens to be married to the next guy).

JW Cornelius, vastly talented creator of
1999! featuring Mooney the Turtle, sent me this Butch/Dr. Seuss take. Geez, I'd hate to get into an art-streetfight with HIM and his wife in a dark alley.

It should be no surprise to anyone that Butch is headed for Hell Sweet Hell. Pyromancy Just makes sure he gets there a little early...

This from my buddy Adam Burke of
The Grimbles, among other projects. He also wrote the poem illustrated by Brian West, which is linked to up above.

Butch shows up in David Wright's Todd and Penguin, then poor Penguin runs into him while

This is a really cool storyline by Amber "glych" Greenlee in her comic, No Steretypes, featuring Butch and her character Kitty (I think Butch ends up gettin' lucky!).

Meekly submitted by 'Q' of Graveriver High. Thanks, Q!

Butch meets Alf from Melmac (with predictable results) in this piece from Zach Weiner of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Three wonderfully speckled pieces from Sarah Jacotine. The second one's unique in that I don't get much 'Young Butch' fanart. He's so cute and innocent... sort of.

More really beautiful, incredible stuff from Sarah.

Butch is so darn considerate! This one from Mess, straight out of Zombieworld.

Some great pencil-on-notebook work from Clara.

Wildcat surely had an *NSYNC concert in mind when drawing this, don't you think?

Way to suck all the innocence out of a wholesome child's toy, there, TJ.

John Doe from WaterGuy has created the scariest killer I've ever seen. Dan Beeston of Lilley Street. OUCH, and OOK!

Nick Firth of The Brass Monkey

Esh of Esh by Esh by Esh by Esh... Thanks, Esh!
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