Other Comics

BoxJam's Doodle by BoxJam. Drawings about stuff.
Gluemeat by Case Yorke. It's like butter in gravy.
Greystone Inn by Brad Guigar. Dilutions of grandeur.
The Grimbles by Burke. For those mollusc-hat days.
Life In 4 Panels by Xaviar X. Xerexes. But who's counting?
Soap On a Rope by Bob Roberds. MAXimum fun.

Schlock Mercenary by Howard Tayler
Superosity by Chris Crosby
Creatures In My Head by Andrew Bell
Diesel Sweeties by R Stevens
Mall Monkeys by Eric Drobile, Keith Smith & Rob Weyman
Todd and Penguin by David Wright
The NonStandard Assembly by Jon Towers
Man-Man by James Duncan & Matt Shepherd
Mythocorp by Kevin Wolf
Skinny Panda by Phil Cho
Hotel Grim by Christopher Harrell
Jeremy by Jon Morris
Open Book by Jon Morris
Jerkbox Studios by Manning Krull & Eric Zino
Shallow Grave by Sean Polyn
Hell Sweet Hell by Pyromancy

Comic-related Stuff

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Goth & Horror Sites

Official Tom Savini Homepage
Horror 100
Roman Dirge's SpookyLand
Horror Online
Horror Writers Association

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The Best Page in the Universe
Find A Grave

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