A lot of people have said a lot of things about Chopping Block. Many of these things are printed below. Many are not. Either way, each of our futures is an an oblong box. So say the Misfits.
Captain X of the COMIX/pedia "Just an amazingly well drawn, artistically inventive, macabre, darkly humorous comic strip. Another great comic recently debuting on KeenSpace (See also Aren't We Real and Diabolica). It's hard to imagine that you could write a panel comic strip about a serial killer (with requisite hockey mask) that was both darkly funny and strangely sweet in a really twisted way and more importantly, very, very original. Much more inventive than any horror movie or the overload of horror-parody movies recently, Butch pops up in everyday situations made bizarre for his tendencies towards homicidal activity. Very funny. And the artwork is unique and effective for a comic strip. I think Lee mentioned that he used ink and little blue smurfs for the effect (he can correct me if I'm wrong...). Seriously I wish I could do half the artwork I see daily now in this strip. I'm fairly positive this comic will be outrageously popular very soon."

Adam Burke, DIABOLICA  "...Not for the squeamish. Or the Amish. Probably."

Gavin Chafin &
Steve Wood,
"It's fresh and original, yet it's deep, dark, and pleasantly twisted. I can't help but to think that I'm perhaps witnessing the birth of America's next great serial killer. Is the creator showcasing his talents, or is he crying out for help? I've always suspected there was something wrong with Lee Herold, but now I have the proof. "Chopping Block" is a must-read."

Brad J. Guigar, GREYSTONE INN "You say you love Charles Addams and are nuts for Edward Gorey? You must go -- NOW -- to Chopping Block. The art is among the best on the Web (or anyplace else .... dammit, it's good stuff). The humor is DARK -- this is not for the faint-of-heart. Did I forget to mention it's also drop-dead funny?"

Jon Morris, JEREMY "...You are smart and cool."

Eric Ellis,
"...that Butch is one twisted fuck!!"

"I love Chopping Block! It's so good, it might lead me to murder... But it'll be a funny murder! Kind of like when a clown dies..."

"...keeping it fresh will be a real challenge."

Case Yorke,
"Allow me to ask you this... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, LEE? "

Brian West aka Tirdun,
"...I almost choked eating a sandwich while reading it."

Roger Sims,
"I won't go into details about how Chopping Block is one of the funniest, most original comics I've ever seen, because I'm sure you hear that every day..."

Aric McKeown, ? "Your strip is brilliant. I hate when people call me brilliant, so I'll also call your comic funny as hell. There, that should smooth things over a bit..."

Shannon Traska,
"...Sick, twisted, and funny as hell."

"...An all out assault on the senses. I mean that in a good way. The art is simple enough to be compelling and complex enough to get you thinking. The humor is invariably top rate. All in all, I'd have to say that Chopping Block hit me like an icepick to the brainstem... (feels back of head) Oh crap..."

JW Cornelius,
"...A surrealistic peek through the mind-fog into a grey realm ruled by routine. A false security broken by an irreverent cartoon character who looks at life through the eyes of death. At times when all seems right in your life, remember to look over your shoulder, Butch may be waiting in the shadows!"

Scott Maddix,
"...You killed someone on my birthday. How cool is that?"

Sean O'Hara,
Boca Raton Sun-Sentinel
"If you're looking for the 'Never-Ever-Make-the-Sunday-Strips' category, then Chopping Block is right up your alley. This one-panel comic rather brilliantly redefines sick humor.

Its protagonist, Butch, is a classic, hockey mask-wearing, knife-wielding serial killer. That's right, a serial killer. Yet, despite his unusual 'hobby' and the dark, moody art style of the comic, you'll quickly come to love Butch: He's a hilariously empathic character who would fit well into any other comic if he weren't a mass murderer.

As icing on the cake, the humor involved is rarely, if ever, crude. The shock value is always perfectly timed and restrained to make you laugh out loud, but rarely toss your cookies."

Jenny Rowland aka Napoleon,
Snail Dust
"...Butch is cool. Butch is violent. Butch is my hero..."

on the
Sexy Losers BBS
"It sucks shit. And I'll stick by that definition. Art wise, i could do better by throwing a crayola and a piece of butchers paper into a pit full of epileptic bonobo's. Humour-wise, it dragged more feet than a centipede crushed by a semi trailer."

Lee's Mom "Son? I have no son."

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