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George Dewey Adams My late Grandfather, who inspired me to be a cartoonist. When I was growing up, he'd come to visit each week. He'd draw comics for me, I'd draw comics for him, and we'd exchange. His favorite strips were ones like The Katzenjammer Kids and Pogo. Especially Pogo. My favorites were the ones drawn by him. For as long as I can remember, and to this day, I haven't drawn a single thing without wondering if he'd like it. I never would have fallen in love with cartooning if it weren't for him. See you in the funny papers, Grampa.

Maureen, Zack & Nate My wife and sons. Just as my Grandfather is the reason I draw cartoons, these three are the reason I wake up every morning. And I don't mean that in a mushy way. I mean it literally. They won't let me sleep in.

Gavin Chafin
& Steve Wood
The creators of Down To Earth. Wholly and directly responsible for introducing me to the world of Online Comics.

Dr. Arthur Barlow Faculty advisor for The Clarion Call, my college newspaper, where my first published comic strip appeared. Dr. Barlow was a great encouragement to me, really supporting my cartooning as I struggled to find a voice and a style. His encouragement was important, because that strip really sucked.

All the great friends I've made online I've met a lot of people since bringing Chopping Block to this little screen. Virtually, anyway. My fellow cartoonists, the lunatics who frequent my message board, and everyone who reads and enjoys CB. Thanks for continually pushing me to keep the quality of this comic as high as I can.

ChoppingBlock.org is hosted by KeenSpot, the best collection of comics on the web. It is meant to be viewed in IE 5+, at 800x600 or better. I can't be held responsible for what Netscape does to it. Seriously. I can't. All contents © 2002 Lee Adam Herold, all rights reserved. Unauthorised duplication is prohibited, and ripping this comic is massively uncool, and, if discovered, will be met, at the very least, with a nasty letter from the Keen legal department. So there.