Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The first comic

THANK YOU ALL!... November 13, 2014

My sincerest and most heartfelt thanks to everyone, whether you sent me money, ordered merch, came back to read CB again, sent prayers and well-wishes my way, or merely mocked me and cursed my existence. It appears that I have emerged from the status of outright financial crisis, and I have all of you to thank in large part for helping me to continue to support my family during one of the most difficult stretches of my life. I start a new job on November 17. I am blessed.

Original artwork is still, as always, available by emailing me at killmebutch@gmail.com. (If the original in question has already been sold, I am always happy to make you a “new original”.) I ask $50 for an original ($60 outside the US). Greeting cards and signed prints are always available too. The “Call of Cthulhu” shirt didn’t go over so well, but I’d love to produce shirts people would WANT to buy. Suggestions are welcome!

I remain humbled by and grateful to each one of you.

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